The Super Servers


Those rule things you have to follow


1. You must abide by the Discord Terms of Service
2. Do not use alternate accounts on our servers
3. Do not harass other players, in any capacity
4. Do not advertise, publicly or in direct messages
5. Do not harass other players, in any capacity
6. Do not post in languages other than English
7. Do not overuse vulgar words or phrases
8. Do not leak private information
9. Do not impersonate staff
10. Do not ask for roles

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the following punishments:
Warn 1 - Verbal warning
Warn 2 - 1 week mute and warn
Warn 3 - BanNote: superiors are determined by discord roles, listing ranks topto bottom

In-game Rules
1. Do not attempt to do damage to any entity inside of spawn
2. Staff will periodically check items, chests, bases, etc.comply with their demands
3. Any item attained via exploiting must be confiscated by astaff member
4. Small or otherwise non-visible skins are not allowed
5. Abide by any in-game posted rules

In-game punishments are determined by the staff on duty at the time of any given infraction. That being said, the severity of any punishment distributed to any player is based on the on-duty staff member’s sole discretion.
If you feel a player is not abiding by our Player Guidelines & In-game Rules or if you feel a staff member is abusing their authority & privilege please report them at